And then there were three…

If you’ve been here before, you may remember my maternity shoot back in October. Well, nature did it’s thing, and Sarah and Richard were recently joined by the beautiful Miss Peyton. I was asked by them to come and shoot their new addition.

Now, if you have kids of your own, or have been around them, you may have noticed that at only four weeks old, they pretty much do their own thing. This presents a few challenges when it comes to photographing them, as you really don’t have a whole lot of control over what baby is going to do, or when.

But, between the wiggles, the splutters, the dribbles and the stretches we came away with some great photos, and I’m hoping this isn’t the last time little Peyton appears on my blog!

1 thought on “And then there were three…”

  1. Beautiful images there Ben and a great write as well. I wish them the best of luck.. getting their baby photographed they are on the road to great parenting!

    Miami, Florida | Nassau, Bahamas

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