Keith Xander playing in Nashville, USA

Xander & The Peace Pirates, Nashville 2023

Concert Photography with Fergie - Black Eyed Peas

Published Yorkshire Music Photographer

Carrie Underwood In Concert - Music Photographer
Promotional album photography music band
Gig Photography for Musicians in Harrogate
Sammy T Los Labios Promotional Photography
Sanctuary Studios, Albany Bahamas - Studio Recording Photography
Live band photography
Alanis Morissette live photographer
UK music and band photographer

I love music, I love concerts, I love photography. Putting them together I've had the honour of shooting gigs for Carrie Underwood, Maroon 5, Rob Thomas, Fergie, Alanis Morissette and many more over the years.

Alog with shooting live concerts, I've also conducted promotional shoots for bands and musicians from Spain, the UK and the Bahamas, as well as 'day in the life of' behind the scenes photography for rehearsals and recording studio sessions for a growing number of acts.