Babies, Kittens and England

pregnancy shoot
Well, it’s been a while (again!), so sorry to both my readers for making you wait so long for a post!

So, my knee is now fully recovered, and at the end of September, I was back on my game and had the privilege to shoot a maternity session for Sarah and Richard – a first for me, and a first for them! It was definitely a ‘different’ experience, as the part of the main focus of the shoot is someone who hasn’t arrived yet, which is kind of tricky to capture. It’s also a time when ‘mum-to-be’ isn’t probably feeling her most beautiful, though in this case, it certainly didn’t show – Sarah looked wonderful!

Just a couple of the end result, as I’ve got a few things to cover without you getting too bored!

maternity photography

Next up was a trip back to my native UK, and in fact the very town where I went to college and drank beer for the first time – Harrogate, in North Yorkshire. I was due to head over there to be the best man to my very good friend and past partner in crime, Adam, who I hadn’t seen for a few years as I was now in the Bahamas, and he had made his life in Australia, so distance was definitely against us.

Unfortunately, the morning I was due to leave, I lost a very close member of my family – Kitty. Kitty had been with me since 1998 – she was the girl in my life before I even met my wife – we had history! For the past week, she’d been struggling with breathing, and it was deteriorating rapidly. I took her to my vet early in the morning and he confirmed my worst fears – she was suffering form an internal injury and wasn’t going to make it. I left the vets in a bit of an emotional state and only had a few hours before leaving my (now very sad) family to catch my plane. Not a good day.

Kitty - RIP
Kitty: 1998 - 2010

England was, well, England! While it was wonderful to be there for Adam and his (now) wife Yvonne, it was cold, rainy and cold. Oh, it was cold too.

Bride and Groom in Harrogate

The wedding was awesome, so many faces from my past, and being there for Adam was an honour I’ll always remember. My best man duties included being the wedding photographer too, but somehow I still managed to deliver a speech, which was both terrifying and good at the same time. Good times, love to you guys if you read this!
An awesome wedding cakePortrait of the GroomBride and Groom at night

Anyway, back in The Bahamas now, and heading into a busy few months before I can wind down for christmas, but I’ll hopefully have time to write a couple more posts before the end of the year.

Thanks for reading – sorry it was a rushed one!