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Sammy T & Los Labios | Band Photography

Anyone who knows me, knows I love me a little rock ‘n roll, and would love love nothing more than to photograph musicians and bands every day, so when I had a was presented with a chance to shoot visiting band Sammy T and Los Labios, I jumped at the chance!

With only limited time before they had to head to gig (made even shorter due to the fact that in true rock star style they were late!), we cranked up the music and went for it.

After a few images with the whole band, we decided to shift focus to their charismatic lead singer, Sammy, who was born to perform, either for an audience of fans, or a camera! The whole session, while brief, was a choatic yet great experience, and I love so many of the images we mde that I thought I really ought to share them on my blog!

So play something loud and scroll on down!