Wedding FAQ's

What's included in your Wedding Packages?

All my packages include my time, an online gallery of the final images, and a disc containing full resolution copies of those images. The disc will be sent via 2-day DHL service to your address within three weeks of your wedding.

If the packages aren't quite what you're looking for, we can work together to create a completely custom package just for you, to ensure we make the most of your budget and get the coverage you want.

How many photos do you take?

That really depends on what's going on - I'm going to take less photos while people are eating (who wants photos of people with forks in their mouths?) than I will during the ceremony or other parts of the reception. The average is 30-50 images per hour.

Do you edit the photos?

All final photos are colour balanced, straightened and prepped for printing. some of the images I take stand out above the rest, and for those, usually portraits or key moments, I will spend more time editing, either black and white conversions or creative processing to really make them shine (I also include the originals just in case). Retouching is a different area and relates to changing the actual content of the image. I will retouch images to remove random objects (buoys in the water, random passers by, etc). I will also remove temporary scars, pimples etc from faces if they are noticeable. I do not smooth skin or perform body modifications. If you require skin smoothing or body modifications, I can refer you to professional retouchers I have worked with.

Who owns the photos you take?

Copyright and ownership of the photos remains with me, as per international copyright law, but I provide the images with a full 'personal use' license. this allows you to share images, make prints etc as you want. You are not allowed to sell your photos or profit from them.

Can I send them to wedding websites or magazines?

Yes, as long as you are not being paid to do so. All I ask is that you have the magazine or website contact me so I can ensure the photos are credited correctly.

Do you still offer wedding photography in The Bahamas?

While I can only offer full day wedding packages, yes, I am happy to return to The Bahamas to photograph your wedding if it's possible.

How far in advance should we book our Photographer?

My weekends are usually booked up about 4-6 months in advance, but there's always a chance I have an opening, so please feel free to contact me

Weekdays are a lot more flexible, so if you're going that route, the window is a little longer.

How many weddings do you photograph a day/week/month?

Photographing a wedding is a physically and mentally demanding task, and to ensure I'm always on top form, I will never book more than four weddings a month. I would never shoot more than one wedding a day - I'd suffer, my work would suffer, and your images would suffer!

Will you be the photographer, or do you have someone else you'll be sending?

It will always be me. My clients book me for my style and the quality of my work. It wouldn't be fair to then send someone else.

What is your photography style?

I never know how to answer this one! If you've had a look through my work, you'll see it a mixture of candid, traditional, creative and, well, fun!

Some call it contemporary, others call it creative-photojournalistic. I just call it my style - it's the only one I have!

I've heard that some professional photographers don't want guests taking photos - is this a problem?

Nope, guests are part of your day, and they want to capture their own moments. as long as they understand that you have hired me to do a job, and don't get in the way, or stop me doing capturing the memories you want, they are always welcome to shoot their own photos.

If we need you for longer on the day, can you stay?

Absolutely - I'd never just pack up and leave! I will always come to you half an hour or so before my time is up and check to see if you want me longer. If you do, I'm happy to stay - my rate sheet includes my hourly rate, so there's never any surprises.

Can I give you a list of shots I want?

I normally ask for a list just of the groups/formal photos to be taken (parents, siblings, relatives, etc) as I won't know everyone there, and we will have limited time to shoot these groups, so a list can be a great help. For the rest of the day, I will normally just 'do what I do' which will pretty much cover everything else! If you have a very specific shot you want, or a detail that has special meaning, then definitely let me know, so I can make sure it's covered as well.

Can we meet before the day?

If possible, yes! If you're visiting to finalise details, or even if you have time in the few days before the day itself, I always love to meet my clients beforehand. A quick meeting will help reassure you, and lets us get to know each other a little.

If it's not possible or practical, don't worry! I've shot many weddings where I haven't met the bride and groom until a few hours before - they've all been great!

I have other questions - what should I do?

That one's easy - just drop me an email! I'll do my very best to answer anything your concerned about.