OK, I just realised I’ve neglected my poor blog for the past month, so here’s a quick round up for what I’ve been up to!

It started with a model shoot – always fun and always an education! Cassie is a model currently listed with PTG Modeling Agency here in the Bahamas. She graciously loaned herself to our local photography community for a morning’s shooting. A great model – thanks Cassie!

Next up, a delightful wedding held a the Sheraton Resort in Nassau, followed by a reception at the awesome Balmoral Club. The bride and groom were from New York by way of Norway and Uganda respectively. Yeah, I’m still getting my head round that too! A truly elegant wedding with a New York Edge!

By odd coincidence, the next weekend I had booked a getaway for myself and my ever forgiving wife in New York – her first visit. Fantastic hotel overlooking Central Park, lots of shopping (um, no, not me, though I did somehow end up with a new Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L lens!), great food and fun times, culminating in a rather unusual yet truly rocking night in Hogs & Heifers. What a bar!

And finally, which brings us almost up to date, two more wedding shoots – one at my beloved Compass point, and the other, just 3 days ago, again at the Sheraton.

I’ve got a weekend off at last before heading out the following week to Eleuthera again, but I’ll do my best to keep posting!

Til next time!