Laura & Kevin | The Perfect Day

You may remember Laura and Kevin from an awesome engagement session I shot last year – well, I was honoured to be able to be there for these guys again for their wedding at The Cloisters, on Paradise Island.

The wedding was just as much fun for me as the engagement to photograph, as this couple were just so much fun to be around, and their wedding was one to be remembered for years to come!

With the rainy season in full effect here in the Bahamas, Laura was panicking from the day before she left her home in Texas, right up to the moment she put on her dress, and not without cause – the week had been terrible, with storm after storm, briefly interspersed with gloomy skies and another storm. Or three!

I did my best, through texts and Facebook messages, to reassure them that the forecasts were usually nonsense and could be ignored, but up until the morning of their day, even I was a little worried!

The day itself came, and through the morning the skies finally cleared (I could have a second job a a weatherman, I’m sure!), and everything came together for a beautiful ceremony (replete with tears from the groom – sorry Kevin!) and one of the most stunning brides I’ve ever photographed.

And what reception would be complete without some amazing first dances, a fire dancer, and a send off in a golf cart under an arch of sparklers? The bar has been set!

And on that note, enjoy the photos!