Jasmine & Brittney Model Shoot

It’s not often I get a chance to shoot purely for fun, so when I received a call last week from two aspiring local models asking if I would be interested in shooting with them, it didn’t take long for me to say yes!

I managed to cajole a business associate into ‘lending’ me an apartment in a luxury development here in Nassau – it would be unfurnished, but it was a big space, with fantastic views along the ocean, and offered a few possibilities for getting creative

With no time to formulate any real plan, and not entirely sure what to expect of our ‘location’ we arrived with a view to having fun and seeing what came out of it. The empty apartment turned out to make a great substitute for a studio (and significantly cheaper too!), giving me a chance to shoot in a controlled environment and explore some new lighting ideas.

The next few hours were one part experiment, one part inspiration and a whole heap of fun. Jasmine and Brittney worked hard to follow my sometimes hair-brained ideas, and on the few occasions things didn’t work out, they didn’t lose faith in me but kept on keeping on – thanks girls!

The day ended with a couple of ice cold beers and some really great images. I think we all had fun and I’m looking forward to the chance to shoot with Jasmine & Brittney again in the future.

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