Impromptu Engagement Session!

Engagement Shoot on Paradise IslandWhen Jessica and Michael contact me a month or so ago from New York City, they were planning on heading to Nassau on a cruise and wanted some relaxed portraits on the beach as they’d never had any ‘proper’ photos taken and thought it might be a great time to do it.

Engagement Shoot on Paradise Island
Well, plans changed the night before they arrived when Michael proposed on the ship! I was met by a couple positively jumping with excitement over this turn of events, and a portrait shoot turned into an engagement shoot!

So, off we headed to a fantastic beach on Paradise Island, where we made some great pictures of a couple very much in love. We didn’t have long before the beach started to fill up with visitors from the Atlantis and the other hotels lining it, so I suggested we head off to the Cloisters, a wonderful ruin of a 14th century French Monastery close by.
Engagement Session at The Cloisters, Bahamas
Sadly, we were greeted by a rather large security guard, who explained the property was in use for a private function and we needed to leave…. now. Not to be deterred, we sidled over the road to the gardens of the Ocean Club, and incorporated the Cloisters into the background of some really great garden images.

I guess the moral to this tale is that there’s always a way to make the most of what’s round you – we ended up with some wonderful images of these guys, and had a great time in the process.

E-Session at the Ocean Club on Paradise Island