G’s Farewell | Harrogate Model Photographer

You may remember this young lady from a previous post – she’s a family friend and my ‘sometimes assistant.

Well, sadly for me (I’ll have to actually carry my own bags now!) she’s heading off to finish her schooling in the UK, so wanted to see if I could shoot a few images of her that would remind her of The Bahamas – and make all her UK friends jealous!

We decided to make a full shoot of it, and armed with a light, a couple of lenses and G’s funky new hair, we headed out for a few hours to see if I could capture both her, and the Bahamas.

I think we did a pretty good job, as, it appears did she and her mum, who had me make rather a lot of large format prints for their family home!

She’ll be missed here on the island, but will go on to great things in her new adventure.

Enjoy the end result, and of course comments welcome!