Nicole & Noel’s Nuptials in Nassau

The traditional Stefana
I know, that’s a lot of “N”s – I couldn’t resist!

Nicole and Noel chose the Greek Orthodox Church here in Nassau as the location for their destination wedding and I was happy to be off the beach for the day as July brought in a whole new level of heat on the island!

Somehow, nearly 100 guests managed to squeeze into this tiny and historic church to watch this traditional Greek wedding, before heading off to the Sheraton Resort on Cable Beach for dancing, drinking and fun!

Without further ado….

Meet the Bride
Getting Ready in the Bridal Suite
Supressing a giggle!
Traditional Greek Wedding
The Boys

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  1. Ben,
    We want to thank you so much for being so patient and producing such great work. It was a pleasure working with you! You helped document one of the best days of our lives. Thank you much!

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