E-Session at Compass Point

Romantic Moment at Compass Point
This afternoon I had an engagement photo session with a very cool couple from South Florida, down on the islands to plan their wedding in June.

We’d planned on a great location, only to be thwarted by a last minute local event stealing the place from under us. We figured engagement photos probably shouldn’t involve 100 or so other people in the frame, so did an about-turn and headed off to one of my favourite spots – Compass Point.

What better place to capture the Bahamas? Turquoise ocean, brightly coloured cottages, awesome dock, and a beautiful stretch of secluded beach, free from the tourist masses.

Two hours and a couple of hundred frames later, I not only had some great images, but also two great new friends – these guys rocked! With scenes ranging from romantic portraits to cartwheels and handstands on the beach, I’m pretty sure the three of us must have spent half the shoot just laughing.

I can’t wait to be there again with them for their wedding – I have a feeling its going to be one to remember!

Thanks guys – I had a blast!