Back to Eleuthera

I had the great pleasure of heading back on over to Eleuthera this weekend to photograph the wedding of two old friends. As an added bonus, my wonderful wife and daughter were on the guest list, so we made it a long weekend for the family.

My Bahamian Groom and Dutch Bride had chosen a stunning beach location just south of Governor’s Harbour, staying at the equally stunning La Bougainvillea – a semi-Moroccan influenced private home overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

With 120 guests hailing from Canada, The Bahamas, Holland and as far as Australia, this was a truly international event, and the outlook was not good as we arrived on Friday under grey skies and cold cold rain – I’ve yet to have a washout wedding, and I was hoping this wouldn’t be my first!

I needn’t have worried as we awoke on Saturday to perfect blue skies and a cooling breeze rolling in off the ocean. The morning was spent with my girls exploring perfect white beaches, finding starfish, hermit crabs, the occasional jellyfish and doing what everyone does in the islands – kicking back and having fun!

After a bite to eat, it was time to get to work, so I left the girls to continue their exploring for a few more hours and headed off to start my shoot. The next few hours were a combination of fun, laughter, wonderful people and the occasional tear (not mine, of course!) as I followed to awesome people ‘seal the deal’ and begin their new life together.

After the formalities of the reception were complete, I was ordered to put my gear down and join in the fun, which I did for as long as I could before my little girl finally melted in exhaustion – our cue to head on out, though I hear the fun continued into the wee hours of the morning!

(Oh, I have to recommend you click on the ring shot below to see it bigger – I’d never seen rings like this before. They both had an EKG, and then had their rings custom made – his with her heartbeat, and hers with his. How cool is that!)

Til next time!