Cowboy Boots and Weddings in Harrogate

Bride close up during the ceremony
Saturday found me at the British Colonial Hilton, here in Nassau, photographing the wedding of B & R. The wedding consisted only of the two of them, accompanied by B’s daughter, and was held on the Hilton’s stretch of beach under perfectly blue skies, and beside perfectly turquoise water.

So, there do the cowboy boots come in? Read on!

Being from Texas, B decided that the sand and sea weren’t going to stop her from wearing her favourite pair of cowboy boots during the ceremony, which is exactly what she did!I think this was a first for me – I’ve seen all kinds of shoes, flip flops and bare feet, but never boots before!

A short, but beautiful wedding, for a wonderful couple who I hope I’ll get to see again! Congrats guys!

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