Kelsi & Russ at Compass Point

As those who know me already know, I have a great love of Compass Point Beach Resort, and have spent many an afternoon and evening there, either with my family, with friends, or just to unwind from a day’s work. So, I was more than happy to visit yet again, this time as the wedding photographer for Kelsi and Russ.

Kelsi, from the US, and Russ, from the UK, met in Australia where they both live (don’t worry, I was confused for a while there too!), and brought guests from around the world to celebrate their wedding here in The Bahamas. Kelsi acted not only as her own planner, but also as her own designer, and had created everything herself beautifully, from the table decor to the favours to the little touches that made everything look so perfect (she may well have found her calling!)

The ceremony was held on the famous Compass Point dock, with the reception following by the pool, under a cloudless, star-filled sky. Is there really any better way to get married?

Venue: Compass Point Beach Resort
Music: Jose Ageeb
Officiant: Matthew Sweeting
Photography: Yeah, you know already… me again!