C & C Sneak Peek

To have and to hold
I can only refer to this wonderful couple as C & C, as their wedding is still ‘under wraps’ – only parents knew about the plan.

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Less than two weeks ago, they decided they would elope to the Bahamas, and in that time pulled off a beautiful beach ceremony here in Nassau. They had contacted me early last week looking for a wedding photographer, with only the seeds of a plan, and asked me to help out pointing them in the right direction to get things organsied. They were booked in at the awesome Marley Resort here in Nassau, created by the legendary Bob Marley’s wife Rita in their family home, but other than that they had no final plans.

I recommended they contact ‘Da Island Preacha‘, Matthew Sweeting to conduct the ceremony. He’s a great guy and perfect for the sort of laid back wedding they were looking for. Sure enough, in a matter of hours on Monday morning, he had sorted their paperwork and arranged to be there that evening to perform the ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony Moment
Wedding Ceremony Moment

And so, yesterday evening, with a cool breeze blowing off the ocean, I had the honour of shooting their wedding on a gorgeous beach in front of the hotel. These two are truly in love, and hopefully it shows in the images I captured.
The Bride Waits
Portrait at Sunset
They had a great sense of humour too, insisting that the beaten up but trusty scooter they had relied upon to get them where they needed to be was part of the wedding shots too!
Let's get out of here!

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