Photographer returns home to Harrogate

Back Home & A New Start…

You may have noticed I’ve been a little quiet round here for a while, but there’s a good reason, I promise!

For the past 22 years I’ve been living in the Bahamas, working initially as a designer, and then 15 years as a professional photographer. In that time, while mostly known for my wedding photography, I also built a pretty good reputation as a commercial and music photographer, with a fair amount of boudoir thrown in for good measure!

But, things change. On one of my regular visits back to my home of North Yorkshire, a reconnection with a lifelong friend lead to something more. Something bigger than the life I’d been living for the past two decades, bigger than the amazing friends I had made along the way….

So I made a decision to change things… and come back to my home of Harrogate.

I’ve been a little busy since August – settling in to my new life, rebuilding contacts, developing my photography business from the ground up here in Harrogate, and, well, enjoying being in love.

I hope you’ll continue following my adventures – over the next couple of weeks I’ll be catching up with some of my last Bahamas Wedding shoots, along with Harrogate weddings and other projects I’ve photographed since returning.

Til then, You can check out a recent article in the local paper about my return at

Til next time!

Photographer returns home - Harrogate Advertiser Article