August & New Orleans

Street Musician in the French Quarter
Sumer brought me a little downtime at last, so I decided to head off with my family to New Orleans, a place I’d always wanted to visit, and am very happy I did!

We only had a week to explore, but we did as much as we could, from a jaunt down the drunken nightmare that is Bourbon Street, to paying a visit to the alligators of Honey Island swamp. We also took a couple of hours out for a photo shoot with the Awesome <a href-“”>Babs Evangelista</a>, making it the first time I’ve been the other side of a camera for years!

Kiddo, of course, wanted to spend the entire time in the Audobon Insectarium, where we learned about, held and even ate, a whole range of bugs, and creepy crawlies.

Music, art, amazing food, and a city full of life made this a trip to remember – I hope I get a chance to go back soon!

Sunset over New Orleans
New Orleans Streetcar
Blues musician in the French Quarter
Surrey Ride Through old New Orleans
Kiddo with a butterfly in the Audobon Insectarium
Jazz Musician in the famous Hotel Monteleone