Atlantis Wedding, Paradise Island

Atlantis Wedding
Atlantis Wedding

This Friday took me to the imposing Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island for the wedding of a Korean couple from the US.

The ceremony, conducted in both English and Korean for the elder family members, took place in perfect conditions on a perfect beach with the famous towers of Atlantis as a backdrop. As the ceremony ended and the sun set, we were treated to a blaze of oranges, reds and pinks as the last remaining rays of sunlight hit the scattered clouds above – just enough time for a last few shots of the bride and groom before the light faded.
Bride & Groom at Sunset
Bride & Groom at Sunset

The cocktails and reception were held in the amazing Fathoms restaurant, cleared of resort guests and re-decorated for the couple’s exclusive use. The restaurant’s unique features is obvious the moment you walk in – one entire wall is actually part of Atlantis’ world famous aquarium! It’s sometimes hard to figure out who’s watching who as giant stingrays, grouper, tuna and the occasional shark glide by the tables of guests!
Wedding Reception at Fathoms
Aquarium backdrop at Fathoms

After a relatively formal ceremony and reception, the playful side of newlyweds shone through during the traditional cake cutting, which nearly turned into a full on food fight!
In all, a great day, a fantastic location, a wonderful couple. Good times!

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