Atlantis Engagement Shoot

Paul and Kari recently got engaged and asked me to shoot an engagement session during their celebratory trip to The Bahamas.

They were staying at the Atlantis Resort, so we met up and headed to the Cloisters, a popular location on Paradise Island for photographs. Paul was a little uncomfortable to be so prominently in front of a camera for the first few frames (I think its a guy thing – I’m just the same!), but it didn’t take long for him to pretty much forget about me being there and just hang out with his beautiful new fiancé.

After an hour or so at the ruin, and in the wonderfully landscaped gardens that stretch down to the famous Ocean Club, we headed back to the Atlantis to hit the beach for sunset, stopping on the way to see if we could coax any of the fish and rays in the massive aquarium to pose for a photo or two!

With the sun now firmly set, we ended our session with a cocktail or two, before I headed home with some great images to develop and two new friends!

I do so love my job!

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