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OK, I’ve spent the past few weeks writing and rewriting this post about the ‘workshop’ I attended earlier this summer. Despite some revisions being pages long never quite managing to get across what I wanted to, so I’m going a different route….

The workshop was The Arlund Photography Retreat.

It was absolutely awesome. Chuck Arlünd is a teacher, a joker, a listener, a dad, a muso, a ball of energy, infectious, inspiring and above all, incredibly talented as a photographer. For three days, we all played, shot a whole lot, laughed, created, experimented learned, helped, shot a whole lot more and did what we called yoga, though the last bit is debatable.

If he holds another one of these, I will be doing everything I can to go. Without hesitation. If you’re a photographer reading this, I suggest you do the same

Now a few photos.

Huge huge thanks to:

Chuck’s team: Marco (photographer, trouble maker and chef extraordinaire!), Pierre (photographer, brooding Belgium-type and large format guru), Kristi (hair, makeup, stylist and ‘Chuck-wrangler”)

The models, who would work with us on every hair-brained idea we came up with: David, Erin, Lacey & Nicole – you were all awesome!

Chuck’s sister Toni, who loaned Chuck her absolutely amazing house on the lake for the retreat – thank you for your trust, your generosity and your hospitality!

My new friends and colleagues – Ann, Molly, Charlotte, Tim, Ted, Nick and Sharon – keep shooting, guys!

And finally, Chuck… biggest thanks of all to you for your vision, your inspiration, your willingness to share, your love of your craft and so very much more. My open invitation for you and your family to come visit/stay/play in the sun stands – I hope one day you use it!

2 thoughts on “Kansas, Photography, Rock n’ Roll and Creativity”

  1. Omigosh, agree with everything!! This blog is rockin’ :)

    What an amazing experience it was! I am so, sooo happy to have become friends with all of you beyond-talented cool cats!!

    And I agree, I am all about a reunion, too :) :)

  2. Learned so much from Chuck during the retreat and made so many new talented friends. Great images Ben!

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