A Late Start to 2011!

OK, it’s a little late for me to be saying Happy New Year, but hey, Happy New Year anyway! I finally managed to get a little quality family time in over the holidays, which was very welcome and much needed.

Of course, I didn’t manage to completely put my cameras down, as my little girl, who has now decided she’s going to be either a rockstar or a vet (or a singing vet, or a rockstar who saves animals, we’re not sure which!) wanted a rock ‘n roll photo of herself for her room. So, we cleared space in the garage and set up a mini studio, my wife was in charge of wardrobe and styling, and I was photographer to the (future) stars for a day! Kiddo is very proud of the final photo hanging in her room – everyone who stops by is shown it!

Kiddo's New Band!

For the New Year, we all headed up to Harbour Island to hang out with one of my wife’s oldest friends (no, no she’s not old, she’s an old friend… oh, you know what I mean). Kiddo and her three girls disappeared for three days, playing together constantly to the point where we actually managed to have a few ‘adult beverages’!
Hummingbird in Harbour Island

We spent the trip hanging out with friends, playing on the beach, drinking a little too much and generally having a good time, before heading back to Nassau to face the reality of school, work and normal life!

I can only hope your year started as well as mine, and here’s to it staying that way!